Founded in Ramatuelle by Nicolas Houdoux, LesMalles is a high-end leather goods brand, which draws inspiration from the know-how of major trunk makers and considers the tote bag and its travel objects as unique pieces. Fabrics, monogram coated canvases, exclusive designs, the collections are imagined, manufactured and assembled mainly in France.

Since its creation in 2011, the brand has offered new colors and in particular its new Distinction collection.


Mini Curriculum Vitae

With a marketing background, I have always been passionate about gemology, watchmaking and more generally the aesthetics of beautiful objects.

Precious stones have been the gateway to this world of luxury with the colors and beauty of gems.

In 1995 Swarovski, a great challenge to give new impetus to this world leader in cut crystal.

Crystal continues this quest for excellence with the pleasure of working for Baccarat for 10 years.

Nevertheless, the desire to return to the south of France becomes a reality in 2022.

A carnal need to savor this atmosphere of the Mediterranean with its blue colors associated with the green of the Maures massif; an obvious fact which combines with the experience of my numerous collaborations in the world of luxury brands.

So it was time to return to my first desires.

Resumption of the LesMalles project started in 2011 is obvious.

A nice wink for those who love to travel and share these passions with family.

Understanding this excellence with sensitivity in the design of high-end objects is the objective for the coming years. At the origin of this project, I imagined a name, a logo imbued with sensuality and a first collection of shopping bags in 2011. A few years later, I am happy to present these collections to you with those of my partners. Present on the EShop, I am proud of these collaborations which respect the spirit of the brand with the southern accent.





And now, after being a manager the Baccarat company for more than 10 years, this new LesMalles story allows me to meet and work with talented people, between the designs, the renewal of the brand and the site, orders for fabrics, buttons, braids and other rivets, prototyping, production, etc.

LesMalles is today a collection of leather goods and travel accessories where creativity is part of a spirit of love for artisanal know-how.

We avoid the ephemeral by putting objects in our daily lives that symbolize the art of French joie de vivre. “Distinction” is a new collection incorporating the originality of a silk ribbon. The decorative element, namely this ribbon sewn on this collection, originates from the distinctions given to personalities who have received literary, artistic, sporting or political honors.

Made from recycled moiré silk, these ribbons come from an old and famous French factory specializing in the manufacture of silk.

This collection is both unique and limited by its production.

We hope you love it as much as we do.